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  • PRODUCT CARE - How to keep the Roses alive
    1. Keep the roses away from sunlight directly. 2. Don't touch the roses by hand. 3. Keep the humidity at 40%-70% 4. Keep the temperature is 4℃-35℃ 5. If you want clean the dust drop on the roses, just use the blower.
  • How is Rossahut different from other florists?
    Our Roses are 100% real and will last more than 365+ days. We have roses in many colors that you won't find in regular shop.
  • Does Rossahut delivery internationally?
    Yes! We offer worldwide shipping.
  • Quality Control
    1. After we pick the fresh cut roses, we will choose the best color and form roses . We can ensure the finished roses are good quality. ​ 2. The technology of our roses use the cell replacing skills . All the cosmetics matter of the production process is non-toxic and no-methyl. So all of our roses smell tasteless and a little perfume. ​ 3. When the roses is finished . Our quality inspector will check the them again . The mainly check items are the rose color , rose petal and rose form. If the rose have a little flaw, the flawed flowers will be discarded at this link. All above, the fresh roses you buy have the best quality that lasts long time!
  • Returns , Refunds and Exchange Policy
    No return, No Refund Policy. We accept exchanges for the product Rose Bears only. Final Sale products cannot be returned.
  • Order came damaged?
    Contact us for one time free repair if roses come damaged after receiving from delivery.
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